But why, Victoria? We never even learned your secret!

The Internet has once again killed another icon of print media. Kids these days might not even be able to imagine it, but in the sad, dark pre-Internet days, you had only three options if you wanted to find nearly naked women.

You could seduce actual women and get them to take their clothes off, which was pretty unrealistic for just about everyone.
You could steal your older brother's porn, but if he caught you, he'd beat your ass.

The last, and most predictable, option for your own fuzzy tingle times was that copy of the Victoria's Secret catalog that came in the mail every month — and if you timed it right, you pluck it out from the bills and ads and squirrel it away for private times at a later date. 

You might laugh now, but this was the pinnacle of masturbation fodder when many of us were young. So always respect your elders, since they've clearly had much harder lives than you.

But sadly, to save about $150 million a year, the company has decided to stop printing the monthly catalog, largely because it never really increased sales. And from a business perspective, spending $150 million so people can touch themselves and not buy your product makes sense, but it's truly the end of an era. 

To bid the catalog farewell, let's gawk at the chesty giraffe women that have graced Victoria's pages over the last 30 years. 

Yeah, even 30 years later, these photos hold up.