Let's face it: April 20, 2020 was a massive disappointment. In fact, it feels fair to say the whole year was pretty rough. But as vaccines roll out across the country, our future is finally looking brighter. That’s why Wana Brands wanted to celebrate 4/20/21 in a whole new way – with gratitude for how far we’ve all come and renewed hope for where we’re going. And so, “4ward20” was born.

Any joyful, COVID-safe 4/20-related activities are part and parcel of the “4ward 20” spirit. Here are a few of the specific ways Wana invites you to join them in commemorating the occasion!

1. Daily Feel-Good Challenges and Giveaways

Every day for the first three weeks in April, Wana is publishing a daily feel-good, do-good challenge to their Instagram stories. To play along, follow @WanaBrands and check back daily for a new challenge (they’ll be simple, we promise). Post a picture of yourself completing it and tag their account, plus the hashtag #4ward20. Each day, they’ll randomly select a few winners to receive exclusive swag. The more times you play, the more chances you have to win – and the more tasks you complete, the more likely it is you’ll become one of their GRAND PRIZE winners, announced on 4/20!

2. Promoting Lung-Friendly Products

Edibles like Wana’s classic Sour Gummies are ideal for a COVID-safe celebration – easy on your lungs, individually portioned to avoid germ-swapping, and discreet enough for an outdoor celebration. Many consider 4/20 a “Smoker’s Holiday” – and not everyone is a fan of the long-lasting “body high” that traditional edibles are associated with. 

Luckily, Wana is offering consumers a unique edible alternative in the form of Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies. With an onset time of just 5-15 minutes and a 2-5 hour duration, they deliver the same kind of lighter, shorter “smoker’s high” you’d get from a joint. They also offer a Wana Quick Tincture, which produces the same effects AND makes for a mean a minty THC-infused mocktail… but more on that in a second.

3. Bonus Tips, Recipes, Music and More 

THC-infused mocktails? Curated party playlists? Wana's got you covered with their special 4ward20 microsite  featuring tips, recipes, music and more for any celebration you're planning. 


4. Celebrating the Cannabis Industry’s Essential Workers

Wana is spreading the “4ward20” message to their dispensary partners in select markets with an exclusive BUDTENDER giveaway program. If you’re an essential cannabis worker in Colorado, you can simply visit their dedicated website and enter to participate.

5. A Continued Focus on Social Responsibility

Advancing equity and enhancing our world are year-round priorities for Wana, but 4ward20 is a great opportunity to consider how we can all give back. They're especially proud to sponsor The Last Prisoner Project, a coalition of artists, advocates, and cannabis industry professionals dedicated to freeing those incarcerated for marijuana-related “crimes.” Visit their website to learn how you can get involved!

Ultimately, 4ward20” isn’t just about what happens on April 20, 2021. It’s a weeks-long celebration of the resilience (and the relationships) that have carried us through the past year. It’s a reminder that, even when healing happens more slowly than we’d like, hope – and kindness – will help us over the finish line of this pandemic. And, of course, it’s a pretty good reason to enjoy some of your favorite cannabis products. Some things never do change.