The white stuff your mother used to force feed you for stronger bones, now apparently provides you with the brain power of a Nobel Laureate according to a new study published in the journal Practical Neurology. When comparing per capita milk consumption across countries with the number of Nobel Prize winners, the study concluded that there is a "significant" association between the two. Sweden led the pack, where people drink a whopping 750 pounds of milk per person per year – and turn out 30 Nobel Prize winners per 10 million people. China on the other hand brought up the rear, where milk consumption is low and so is the rate of Nobel Prize winners.

There are two factors at play here. One factor is that higher milk consumption could reflect a stronger education system; the other is that milk is high in vitamin D which plays a significant role in brain development and cognitive preservation. And since most Nobel Laureates are over the age of 60, they need something to preserve their precious assets. 

In response to this study, Rooster's brought two cows into the office for udder breaks every thirty minutes as demonstrated in the above picture. We are always thinking ahead.