We’ve seen enough episodes of Maury Povich (read: all of them) to know that having kids for some people is a really bad idea. In case people were unaware, these things are living, breathing, eating, shitting beings that require incredible amounts of patience, care and responsibility. One is an incredibly exhausting journey, but six? Six is, in this time period, insanely irresponsible and shouldn’t be glossed over as just another family doing a regular family thing. It isn’t.

Case in point is 35-year-old Kevin Federline. We all remember him for his stint as one of Britney Spears’ ex-husbands, and also as one of the worst selling rap artists of all time. Recently he and his wife Victoria Prince were seen out and about, classlessly announcing the arrival of their second child (his sixth) via a printed t-shirt that read “Juan Moore“ on the front and “Federline 6” on the back.

That’s six kids with three different women from Mr. Federline. It’s not to say that he’s a terrible father – to the contrary. A court ruling in 2007 granted the “Celebrity Fit Club” star sole custody of the two children he shares with Britney Spears. Plenty of media outlets reported on his “Father of the Year” award back in 2007 as well, an award given to him by Club Prive in Las Vegas.

Naturally we’d expect a nightclub in Las Vegas to be the authority when it comes to child rearing.

But can we really assume that he’s able to spend each day with all the kids in the way real fathers need to? It’s not just about the money here – which he has enough of (he's worth $6 million) – it’s about what children really need, and that’s a stable family (however it’s arranged) and the ability to be with their parents in an honest, open and consistent way.

Plain and simple, the world needs less shitty people and to be able to accomplish that exhaustive task we need to have less shitty parents. If K-Fed’s there for all of them and they’re well established as decent products of sustainability, then ok – we’ll gladly eat our shoe.

But let’s face reality: six children, three mothers and Hollywood. Our skeptic meters may require recalibration after this head-shaking news.