We're not buying it. 

So we've been following the story of the super-wasted med student that went on a drunken rampage and ruined this Uber driver's car. The entire thing got caught on video, and it's since been watched over 5 million times. 

Now she's been placed on administrative leave, and we're psyched. She acted like a total bitch, and we completely agree that total bitches should be punished to the extreme. 

But now, she booked a spot on Good Morning America to try to explain her actions, and we're not buying it, lady. 

He list of excuses are pretty damn flimsy. 

"My father had been placed in the hospital."

That's not great, but the last thing your sick father would want is you to get hammered in a club and assault someone.

"My boyfriend and I of two years had just broken up."

We're beginning to see why he did, but again, this isn't a reason to fight strangers and fuck with someone's car. 

"That's not me."

Yes it is. We just saw it on the Internet. You got caught acting like a raging bitch, and the now the world will mock you. That's how the universe achieves balance. 

Just imagine if a guy had acted like that toward a female Uber driver. Jail, right? And since we're totally for equal rights, we think she should've went to jail too.