Billy Corgan's kind of a dick, but you really shouldn't jump on stage because you want to ..

Alright everyone, maybe it's time we all have a little sit down. Yes, going out at night with friends and tossing a few back to forget about how shitty the rest of life is for a few hours is a great time. Everyone enjoys it, and should; it's all we've got in this world sometimes. But when you're out doing you, don't be an asshat — is that too difficult a rule to forget?

Jumping on stage with performers because you couldn't handle that 5th Fireball isn't ok. It's never ok. You know when it's especially not ok? When one of the most revered (albeit, kind of douchey) musicians is in the midst of a Rolling Stones cover and has the crowd meticulously hushed for the delivery. As is the case in the above clip where Billy Corgan has to tell Tipsy-bro 3000 to get the fuck off his stage before he punches face.

Making Billy Corgan mad at his own show, you're gonna have a bad time