The Hoban Law Group doesn't hock weed to tourists, doesn't grow tasty strains, and you'll never find any of its employees in the breakroom blowing phat glass into a stoned caterpillar zong. 

What it does do is litigate cases pertaining to the industry, and because of that status, was able to skirt around some of the laws in place for cannabis advertising. Recently it became the first company in the nation to air a weed-related ad on major TV networks — CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, VICEland, the Weather Channel, Headline News and Fox Business all will now air it between the 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. timeslot.

Speaking to Leafly, the firm's founder Bob Hoban says the company has, "been on the leading edge of the cannabis industry not just as lawyers but as business consultants.” In fact the firm was there defending the state's first dispensaries many years ago, is on a mission to get the feds to allow CBD in the mass marketplace legally, and now breaks history as a first in the industry.

Admittedly, it's a little "Saul Goodman-ish" — but therein lies the point. Instead of punching people's psyche with the words "pot," "marijuana" or "lit sesh bro" the entire time, the team felt like a subtle approach to it made sense for what it is they do. Legal states all have different rules when it comes to advertising cannabis, too, so in order to stay within those guidelines, a more basic script was utilized. 

Though larger entities are increasingly jumping on the bud bandwagon, last month Netflix sold its own strains to make shows more enjoyable, Scott's Miracle-Gro drops hints of home-grows in ads all the time and celebrities from all corners of the market are jumping into branding everything from rolling papers to edibles. 

It's a first, but certainly not the last.