Nothing like a good dose of depressing to help you through hump day … 

You know how stupid the average person is, right? Well, keep in mind that 50 percent of the people you meet will be dumber than that. 

You'd think that a college campus might be a little higher on the scale, but life doesn't work that way. A group called PoliTech took a little tour of Texas Tech University and checked in with the populace, asking students basic questions about history and current events. 

Get ready to get sad. 

Oh man. This ain't good. And it's not like they were difficult questions. It's pretty reasonable to assume that at some point in the last 18 years, you've at least heard of the Civil War, and someone has mentioned Joe Biden. 

The group added:

“Could these students have answered these questions correctly if they were on a written exam? We believe so. But the video shows that political matters are not what’s currently on college student’s minds. Instead, they are pre-occupied with useless pop-culture that is constantly being fed to them by today’s media.”

We're pretty much screwed.