As a general rule, all gender reveals are at their core terribly wrong. But for one couple doing it all for the likes, it couldn't have gone any better.

You see the dad, we'll call him Craig because we don't really want to look anything up right now. Craig was a baseball player in his glory days, and is having a baby with his lady, Marsha. Probably not her real name, let's be honest.

But the two are in love and wanted to give the family what they wanted, so Craig grabbed his bat and Marsha pitched him a ball full of either pink or blue dust, depending on the sex of the baby (they didn't know). 

She pitched. He didn't swing (remember, he was a player, when a pitch is high you don't swing, Craig knows this, because he played baseball). Instead, it popped the grandpa-to-be right in the dome. 

In slo-mo no less.

And in case you haters don't believe that this wasn't somehow real, here's a tweet to prove it. 

Welcome to the world (almost) little dude. Shit's downhill from here.