Colorado's most beloved stop-motion weed comic Nug Nation is back to trip you out with another episode.

Last April, we cordially introduced you to Nug Nation, the weed cartoon featuring talking nuggets of pot who live in Colorado. Each character in the show is based off the personality of a different strain of weed; each one animated to be lifelike and sentient enough to scare any vegan away from the marijuana for a while.

Now, everyone's favorite worst nightmare is back with a new episode to make you feel as high as you would if you rolled up these creatures into a tube and smoked 'em.

This time around, we find weed Ron Burgundy (who seems to be developing into some sort of protagonist), having the highest conversation two talking pots could ever have with his friend, weed Redman. Like most friendship-igniting conversations, theirs takes place over a minutes-long pee, clearly bonding them for life.

Their talking points border on the surreal and criminally insane as a cast of other weed characters make cameos in the background, and the whole thing ends up being a shockingly true-to-life depiction of what it's like to use the bathroom in a dispensary.

You're welcome!