Each year the Oxford English Dictionary adds plenty of words to its lexicon to keep up with the times, some strange, some facepalm-inducing and others just. plain. ridiculous.

For more than 100 years the Oxford English Dictionary has been the go-to for all things language related. It maintains itself as one of the leaders-in-lingo because of its ever-changing ways. Each year the dictionary adds plenty of words to its lexicon to keep up with the times, some strange, some facepalm-inducing and others just. plain. ridiculous.

As a sample of some of the words added this year, we’ve developed a single sentence to highlight some of our favorites:

“That cunty beatboxer and her wackadoo boyfriend with his dayglow skin went drink-driving again in their upcycled car, chugging sciency brews while high-fiving taking selfies.”

English, god love it.

The OED publishes four updates a year. Here’s some of our favorites with a few definitions thrown in for good measure.

March 2014

Our favorite quarterly update for obvious reasons. Can you guess which ones?

beatboxer, n.
bestie, n.  | A person's best friend; a very close friend.
bookaholic, n.
chugger, n.2 | 3. A person who consumes a drink in large gulps without pausing; a guzzler
chugging, n.2
cunnilingue, n. | A person who performs cunnilingus
cunted, adj. | 1. As the second element in parasynthetic compounds: having a vagina of a specified kind, as big cunted, tight cunted, 2. Intoxicated with alcohol or drugs; extremely drunk.
cunting, adj.
cuntish, adj.
cunty, adj. | 1. Of, relating to, or from the vagina; resembling, suggestive of, or associated with the female genitals., 2. Despicable; highly unpleasant; extremely annoying. Also occas. as n.: an annoying or unpleasant person (chiefly as a form of address).
exfoliator, n.
hegemonicon, n. | A ruling or governing power; spec. human reason. Also: the supreme power in the universe. (The Rooster Magazine)
hondle, v.
monotic, adj. | Involving the presentation of a stimulus to one ear only; designating such a stimulus. Also more generally: using one ear only; monaural
sciency, adj.
scissored, adj.
scissoring, adj. | 3. Movement which resembles the action of scissors, esp. that which involves the crossing, or back and forth motion, of two parts or components; the result of this
wackadoo, adj. | Crazy, mad; eccentric., / n. | An eccentric or mentally unbalanced person; a crank, a lunatic.
wackadoodle, n. and adj.

June 2014

“Coot” and “cooty” have always been part of our repertoire, but now it’s official. Life is majestic.

basa, n.
blobfish, n. | Any of several bottom-dwelling deep-sea fishes of the family Psychrolutidae (fathead sculpins), which have large heads; spec. Psychrolutes marcidus of Australian and New Zealand waters, having gelatinous flesh and (once brought to the surface) a distinctive sagging face.
camouflaging, n.
citronade, n. | A drink made from lemon juice, water, and sugar; lemonade.
city dwelling, adj.
coffee grinder, n.
coot, n.3 | 4. A silly person, simpleton
cooty, adj. | Infested with lice.
country rock, n.2
drink-driver, n. | A person who engages in drink-driving.
eyeballing, n.
fabrosaur, n. | A dinosaur of the family Fabrosauridae, a fabrosaurid; esp. a fabrosaurus.
genitalic, adj. | Of or relating to the genitalia. Also: designating species of insect that can be distinguished only by details of their genital morphology
Goddammit, int. | Expressing anger, despair, frustration, etc. Now also used occas. in positive contexts to express approval or surprise. / n. An utterance of ‘Goddammit’; an imprecation, an oath.
hash mark, n.
selfie, n. | A photographic self-portrait; esp. one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.
upcycle, v. | To reuse (waste material) to create a product of higher quality or value than the original, and to reduce the need for new raw materials in production; (more generally) to repurpose, renovate, or improve (an old or unwanted item) to make something more attractive, valuable, etc.

September 2014

Challenge: Use “high muckety-muck” in a sentence just once today, we dare you.

contrafactive, adj. and n. | Denoting a verb that assigns to its object the status of not being true
dayglow, n. | The glow of daylight
firsting, n.2 | A preliminary process in laundering, in which clothes and linen are soaked, rubbed to remove dirt, and then washed in boiling water before further cleansing treatments; an instance of this.
haut bourgeois, n. and adj.
high muckety-muck, n.
high-fiving, adj. | The action of exchanging high fives. / n. | That exchanges high fives, esp. habitually; exchanging high fives. Also: characterized by high-fiving
high-rolling, adj.
last call, n.

December 2014

Lots of “un”s made their way into this update, boring!

bitchingly, adv. | As an intensifier: very, extremely; In a resentful manner; complainingly. Also: in an unpleasant or contemptuous manner; spitefully.
flexitarian, n. | A person who follows a primarily but not strictly vegetarian diet.
g’day, int.
unmacho, adj.
unmanicured, adj.
unmature, adj.
un-PC, adj.