Recording studios, hammock gardens … Ms. Pacman? SOLD!

Stating for the record: There’s no way anyone needs to shell out $2,000 a month for rent unless there’s a helipad on the roof.

But just as it’s our duty to vote in a democracy, as members of a free-market society, we must demand the most bang for each buck. It might seem like the cards are stacked against renters, with fees reaching record highs in Denver and Boulder — averaging $1,330 and $1,450 for one-bedroom apartments, respectively — and low occupancy rates making scarce units disappear fast. Don’t think your future-landlords have it easy, though — they’re also trying to one-up each other to get you to pick the Elated Elm over the Fawning Foxgrove.

Though some managers try to pass off things like "ceiling fans" and "closets" as selling points, don't be swayed: Trulia shows that swimming pools and fitness centers are as commonplace as light bulbs and on-site laundry.

So, what kind of crazy things does it take to sway renters to pick one $1,400 bedroom over another?


Where most ads in the area are touting the ease of getting to City Park, Sir Richard Apartments on Detroit and 17th advertises “bedrooms and buffet.” Rental rates aren’t available, because all the units are full.

Hammock Gardens

With a hammock garden and convenient location next to a Frisbee gold course, The Enclave at Cherry Creek (actually located in Pike) is marketing itself to the millennial that wants life to be an endless vacation. And, if you go pro on the Frisbee course, the $1,340 monthly rent basically pays for itself.

Bowling Alley and Amphitheater

Because college is all about misrepresenting Greek traditions, Villas at the Regency Student Housing in Aurora features an on-site bowling alley and an amphitheater. Students will also enjoy adding only $625 to their monthly debt tab. Can you defer rent until graduation?

Ms. Pacman

Clearly, the Windsor at Broadway Station knows exactly the kind of people are looking to move up in life, and isn’t beyond baiting them with classic arcade games like Ms. Pacman. Their single bedrooms start at just $1,290. Ask about their high score discount.

Unlimited Coffee, Beer and Swings

Denver’s 8000 Uptown keeps gourmet TopBrewer Coffee on drip, self-serve beer on tap, and a community playground. It only costs $1,350 a month to realize your dreams of living in a grown up Chuck E. Cheese.

Credit Help

If the only way you can get to sleep at night in your cramped one-bedroom is by promising yourself one day you’ll own your own place and it’ll be awesome, then the Trivium on Buchtel Blvd is for you. Build credit each time you pay your monthly $1,055 — that or screw up your future when you fall behind.

Zen Gardens

The DEN "Luxury Boutique Apartments" features “Zen Garden courtyard and water feature,” because there is nothing quite like coming home after a long day’s work and raking sand. One-bedrooms start at $1359. No extra charge for nirvana.

Interior Decorating

Someone at Talavera Apartments logged onto Pintrest and discovered the thrill of interior decorating, so each $1,389 bedroom now comes with one “FREE accent wall.” Maybe if you get a two-bedroom you can negotiate a second wall with the deal.

Tanning Beds

Maintain that ski slope bronze year-round at Silver Reef Apartments in Lakewood, for $1,179 a month, or the Lotus in Boulder for $1,125. Only your neighbors will know your pale little secret.

Recording Studios

M2 Apartments on South Balsam Way offers residents an onsite “recording studio with available programming to record, edit and live stream your music.” And if you write a hit before the month’s up, you just might stay on top of the $1,269 rent.

Rent prices (like life) are constantly fluctuating, so these figures represent available one-bedrooms at the time of publication.