They sure do make a compelling argument … 

We still have 277 days left until the Presidential election, and really, both fields are a mess. Trump is a complete shit-show, and the Bernie vs. Hillary battle might never settle down. We need a solid third option, away from the nonsense of the two-party system. 

Thankfully, our friendly neighbors to the north have the solution. We should let Canada run things for a while. They seem to be doin' pretty good up there, so it makes sense. 

Best of all, they've got all the hot button issues sorted.

What to do about all "the gays":

Nearly half of Americans feel that marriage must solely comprise a man and a woman, no matter how gay one or both of them actually are. The cornerstone of the anti-gay-marriage argument is that sexual promiscuity among gays will destroy traditional marriage. Somehow, through a mathematical formula we have yet to grasp, this means the best way to stop gays from having multiple sexual partners is to deny them the one institution that would prevent them from having multiple sexual partners. We accept that there are plenty of things about America that Canadians will simply never be able to grasp, so in an attempt to be fair to the type of people who think you shouldn’t be allowed to eat cake because they are on a diet, we propose that America allow one gay couple to marry for every straight couple that gets divorced.

Gun Control:

Despite Canada's pathetic attempt to arm its civilians — a paltry 200 gun deaths in Canada each year, compared to America's masculine 10,000+ — we recognize that the United States is steeped in gun culture, and we wouldn't dream of infringing on Americans' second-amendment right to live in fear of British troops rolling up on the shore to unload a shipment of Royal family commemorative plates. For decades, guns have been slandered by left-wing bullet-dodgers as somehow being responsible for killing people when they are really just doing what they were designed to do: kill people. As guns actually outnumber Americans now, we believe firearms are long overdue  protection from the people who use them. We are pleased to announce our Bill of Rights for Guns, affectionately known around the office as “Every Gun a Loaded Gun.”

We're sold. The Canadian comedy duo behind it is actually just rallying for Americans to vote at all, and that's something we can totally get behind.