Hint: It's R.Kelly.

Remember last week when that map of each states's favorite artists blew up? Well, the party doesn't end there people, because someone compiled a list of each state's least favorite bands for your viewing / mocking pleasure.

And it turns out that while there aren't a lot of things that the states can agree on these days, there is one resounding similarity between them … the completely factual conclusion that R. Kelly sucks.

A guy named Randal Cooper made this map using state-by-state data on the popularity of the 50 top artists on Spotify. So, if you're wondering why Nickelback isn't on here, it's because Nickelback is so far away from the top 50 artists on any list that you need a NASA-grade telescope to see them.

He also made 'least favorites' maps for the top 100 and 200 artists on Spotify:

Top 100:

Top 200:

… Yeah Nickelback is still nowhere close.