Carissa is a psychic with an unusual background and some seriously uncanny abilities. A triple Master's degree student and an aid to the FBI, Carissa's intuitive capability is both surprisingly practical and scientifically verifiable.  We talked to her about what happens after you die, what she can do with her abilities, and how everyone has an innate, physiological capability to be psychic…and it melted our face off a little.

Carissa is a psychic with an unusual background and some seriously uncanny abilities. A triple Master's degree student and an aid to the FBI, Carissa's intuitive capability is both surprisingly practical and scientifically verifiable.  We talked to her about what happens after you die, what she can do with her abilities, and how everyone has an innate, physiological capability to be psychic…and we're not gonna lie; it melted our face off a little.

How did you start doing this? When did you know you were psychic and when did you know that you needed to use it to help people?

It wasn't easy in my early life. I'm what is referred to as a "lifer," meaning that I was born with the abilities. My entire life, every time I have closed my eyes, I have never seen darkness. I have always seen an incredible world of colors, visions, almost as though hearing sounds and other senses through extra-sensory vision. That doesn't mean when I'm in a dark room that I don't bump into things. It's simply when I close my eyes I see energies, auras, vibrations, and frequencies… the symphony of energies that exists "beyond the veils" and surrounds us all at all times… not dissimilar to cell phone and electronic vibrations but far beyond that… the energies of life.

I was also born with quite deep-seated memories of my past lives, especially Native American. I was born even knowing certain things about my ancestry and ancient societies that there was no way that I could possibly know. I also needed an incredible amount of purity and long periods of time alone. I first became conscious of the abilities at about 5, when I realized not everyone was the same. I was born in a Revolutionary War town and one of my first memories and encounters was hearing the sound of soldiers' feet marching.

When I was 7, there was one specific energy I kept sensing, named "Michael." He kept drawing me to one place in the forest… I often meditated there. Finally, one day, a neighbor saw me, came over, and found an unmarked soldier's grave beside where I was seated. Another time, I began to sense the strong presence of a spirit energy named “Sofie.” My parents assumed it was an imaginary friend. But, after the information I gave them, they contacted the neighbors. It turned out that the couple had lost a child, a daughter, named Sofie. It was then that my parents started to wake up to my abilities. Over the years I went to many different doctors to try to figure out what was "wrong with me" and none could figure it out. Finally they settled on "electromagnetic synesthesia." Synesthesia means the ability to process sensory perception  and energies in visions, colors, and sounds. After high school I attended Brown University and studied Neuroscience to try to understand more about this.

But my parents simply wanted the best for me. The more that time went on, the more accurate I became. One of my first big encounters with spirit energies was on a trip in first grade where we went to a variety of different cemeteries. I became so frightened because I could hear all sorts of voices all at once and began seeing visions of all the spirit energies present. They all wanted acknowledgment. I'd never been in a cemetery before. We began passing graves and I was calling out the names on them 20 feet in advance. They all wanted my attention… many were so sad, others were begging me to deliver messages. It was overwhelming and the teacher was shocked… I literally just started sobbng. She had to pick me up and hold me because I could feel the energies trying to suck down on my feet, almost like sucking me into the earth. It was quite frightening. I couldn't walk on the ground because I could feel the energies tugging at my ankles.

Do you think that they were specifically tugging at you, like they knew that you were a portal for communication, or do you feel like they do that to everybody and they just aren't aware of it?

I think it's a combination of both. A lot of people just aren't completely aware of the entire gamut of energies that surround them… or they tune it out. But, in my case, because I was born a full blown channel, a full blown portal, it makes it easier for spirit energies to break through to me. I'm also a specific type of intuitive referred to as an empath. That is, I'm not just a spirit medium, but I also have the ability to sense other people's pain and emotions. Everybody that exists has some empathic abilities. It's our instincts. We need our instincts and intuition to survive. But there are just some people that have the ability to sense a little bit more about others than what meets the eye meaning.

In normal waking life, we're only able to use about 5% of our brain, and that 5% is very much what we see and sense in the world. There are an additional 95% of energies that are the strings on the web of life that connect us to everything and everyone. The 95% governs the synchronicities in our lives, like looking at the clock and seeing 11:11 or 2:22 all the time, or thinking about someone and then, boom, they call you five minutes later.

Those are synchronicities. So when I say that I'm a spirit medium, it's not just about sensing the dead, not at all. What it is is just an ability to see beyond the veils, seeing beyond just the 5% of normal waking life and tuning into more of that 95%. That is what an intuitive is.

What about you personally do you think gives you the ability to do that? Do you think that it’s a neurological structure or some kind of physiological connection that allows you to do that?

Absolutely. For a long time science deviated from the course of spirituality. But in many ancient traditions they understood the correlations of matter and spirit or energy. Let's take the aborigines for example they said, "Everything and everyone is connected via a series of strings of energy called the songlines." Scientists said, "There's no way that that's possible." Then, lo and behold, more recently, String Theory was developed, a physics theory that says everything is connected via a series of invisible strings that we can't see. Everything is connected via energy because everything is energy.

Physics is aligning with spirituality in whole new ways, as is neuroscience. Many animals species have the ability to connect telepathically or via electromagnetic synesthesia or sonar. Let's look at bats. They communicate via sonar. Dolphins can communicate when they're miles and miles away just as though they were right next to one another. Even dogs can sense the presence of another dog, even if it's half a mile away. Animals have that form of sensory perception and humans do as well.

The intuition is a muscle. Researchers have done studies on synesthesia. Monks, nuns and people who meditate for long periods of time can grow the frontal cortex in their brain. The frontal cortex is what is referred to as the 'third eye', so to speak… the more that you meditate, the more that you begin to be able to detect light frequencies and see colors when you close your eyes. I was simply born with the unique ability to use a little bit more of my frontal cortex than most people do. So, yes, there is definitely a physiological capability.

Do you think that everybody has that innate physiological ability and they just need to exercise their intuition, as you were saying, and tap into it or do you think some people have an advantage?

Everyone has intuitive abilities and everyone has the ability to access or tune into it. But so many times, it's ignored or it's brushed off, because in our society, we're conditioned to just live within the 5%. If you can't see it, it doesn't exist. But it does and there is a growing body of empirical evidence for it.

So you're saying that society and the environment are what turns on or off people's intuitive abilities?

Yes, very much so. When we were cavemen, we were far more intuitive because we needed it in order to survive. We needed to be able to say, "Oops, there's a lion around that corner." We needed our intuition to be able to find our food sources, to be able to detect danger, etc. However, through time, now we don't have those types of fears and concerns, and so some of those intuitive abilities, even biologically, started to get shut off. Any moment we have the ability to turn that switch back on. But, when we do, we go against the grain because there are a lot of people in society that say, "It's not real.”

If people were more connected to that 95%, wouldn’t they have better sex?

Intuition absolutely heightens intimacy in every way. When you can open yourself to feeling you can sense the other person's desires… and connect to them more deeply on physical and emotional levels. For so many couples, so much goes wrong as a result of people misusing their sexual energies or shutting down their communication systems and emotions. It’s through the intuition, feeling your partner, feeling their body, not just hearing their words, so to speak, but connecting to them spirit to spirit that creates the art of the sacred relationship. When that happens, relationships enter a whole new level where it's not just about girlfriend and boyfriend or casual sex, etc… you actually connect with every aspect of your partner. You feel where they want to be touched…they feel where you need to be kissed. There is telepathy, flow, movement, and extraordinary bliss.

How do you get to that point?

It's really a matter of viewing your partner as divine, not just an object for release. It is letting go of something that you want something from them, a desire, an attachment, or a need. Viewing all people as divine includes viewing yourself as divine. Releasing feelings of “I need this person in my life or I won't be okay,” or “I'm desiring them because of sex,” or “I need them because I'm afraid of being alone with myself.”

Would you briefly describe what you can do with your abilities?

My entire life, I've had the ability to tune into spirit energies. I'm a specific type of medium, referred to as a mirror medium. Thus, I almost serve as a reflecting glass or mirror to help people illuminate parts of themselves that they can't see. That also means that in my mirror, so to speak, I'll catch spirit energies for them. But I do not only pick up spirit energies. I also pick up family members, friends, love relationships, places, objects, memories, dates, pets, nicknames, and sometimes even completely quirky information like if they're left handed or have a foot fetish, etc! I almost always pick up things having to do with a person's past, including important timelines in their life. I often also pick their "horizons" or get glimpses into the future.

So more than anything else, what I do is I help to bring people closure, empowerment, clarity, and validation. This enables them to feel worthy of love, forgiveness, happiness, and joy, no
matter what they have or haven't done in their lives.

What interferes with your ability to get an accurate reading on somebody? Are there things that enhance your accuracy or decrease them?

Absolutely. In preparing for a session, it always helps when people are in a place of calm If there are pets, people, perfume or shiny things around, it can impair my ability to channel sometimes. I'm what is referred to also as a remote viewer, meaning that I can see something remotely even if I'm not physically present, so when I sense things like that, the energy can be distracting.

You’ve worked on missing persons cases before. What is that like for you?

I'm not able to talk about the cases specifically because that is confidential information. However, there was one similar situation that was just life-altering. I was out running one day and a newspaper clipping blew up from the wind and hit me in the face, just a scrap of a newspaper. I looked down and I saw the face of a little girl who had gone missing. And all of a sudden, I started to receive flashes of this little girl wearing a pink sweater. She was in a space near a lake, near a bridge, with a specific type of pine tree all around. I called the number that was on the listing, as well as the local law enforcement bureau. I got a call back from the detective leading the case in the area. It was in another state. They grilled me about how I knew the information I had. I simply said I'm a medium and gave them all I had picked up on. Soon after, I learned that the girl had been found within an area of a vast national forest that was exactly as I had described. The tip on the pink sweater had been a catalyst for finding her.

What do you think happens to people after they die?

It depends. That is a very loaded question. Sometimes, if a person crossing over carries regret, experienced trauma, abused others, feared judgment, or committed suicide, a piece of their energy will actually stay trapped on the earth.There's is much trauma in the world right now…thus there's a lot of what I refer to as 'trapped spirit energy residue'. This is why about one third of the work that I do is what is "space clearing." Meaning that I go into places and help the spirit or soul to transition into the light. In the case of many soul mates, one person's soul will wait to transition until the other crosses over, as well.

Sometimes spirits cross completely over but come back at certain points to deliver messages. More than anything else, the majority of souls become part of the energy that connects everything. We all think that we have so much control, but literally, spirit energies and divine energies, govern a lot of the things that happen in our life.

Have you ever received a very disturbing or creepy message that you were like, "I just don't want to say this to somebody?"

Absolutely. That came through actually not so long ago in the case where I knew that someone was being watched and followed. Of course, I didn't want to relay a message like that, and I was very careful about the way that I said it to them. They later thanked me but it is always a delicate dance of using the right words and emotion to deliver a message.

You are constantly bombarded with messages, do you ever wish you didn't have this ability so you could get some peace and quiet?

I do get peace and quiet. I spend an extraordinary amount of time alone. I need my alone time. I live kind of a monastic lifestyle. I spend a large portion of my day in meditation. What I do takes maintenance. I appreciate silence. I grant myself that time and space to connect to and purify my energies. Yet I also love my time with others. I have learned to structure my "mirrored shield" so I'm not a constant sponge for other people's energies. I help teach others to do the same.

Is there anything else that you wish people knew about psychics or your abilities?

I do not like the term "psychic" because I believe that, if we empower our right to free will and choose the path of love, no matter how painful it can be in the process, we can re-orchestrate outcomes. Meaning, that even though the outcome of our lives will be the same, how we get to the finite point can either be gentler or more difficult… we can easy take the gentler path of surrender and acceptance, releasing the ego and empowering the truth of the heart, or we can resist, seek externally, and struggle through life.

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