Last week, weed fell from the sky in San Diego, answering the prayers of countless stoners in the region and making history when it comes to the weirdest way to deliver an eighth.

Last week, weed fell from the heavens onto San Diego, solidifying regional stoners' belief that you can will anything you want with your mind if you just tap into the energy around you, man.

But it wasn't God or some heavenly deity that sent the pot falling from the sky. It was just a Mexican plane.

A small airplane snuck across the US-Mexico border at approximately 4:15am, and dropped a gratuitous 262 pounds of Mexican kush into a field near a San Diego airport. The weed, which was bundled tightly together to withstand being dropped from 15,000 feet into the bongs of San Diegans, were intercepted and confiscated by the US Border Patro. They then released a notice saying that they'd received a cubic buttload of pot by air, and could someone please come get it? Amazingly, two men showed up to claim the prize. Can you say "a-r-r-e-s-t-e-d?" The street value of the weed was $157,000. Here it is in all its glory:

Next time someone tries to air-drop 200 pounds of weed, can they please do it over our office?