#SummerGoals …

Smoking meat is one of life's greatest luxuries. Not because it's particularly expensive to do, but because it's one of the few things left in this world that can't be rushed. Low and slow is it — there's no viable substitution. 

To do so, great grill masters of the world often use wood that penetrates the best flavor into the cut — Applewood, Cherry, old Jack Daniels barrels — but at Cook's Fresh Market in downtown Denver, Colo., a new era in smoked lunch is on the horizon. Owner Ed Janos recently threw a bunch of marijuana plant stalks into the smoker with his brined turkey. The results, he says, are something special.

"I was really surprised," Janos told 9 News. "It didn't smell like marijuana burning, it had a sweet aroma, like a cherry wood and it was absolutely delicious."

His customers agree.

"People are smiling, giggling," he said. "Some people are afraid to try it. Some people are like, 'wow, this is really good.' So it's — people are kind of surprised, and they're talking about it."

Since Janos only used a certain part of the plant to smoke the turkey, there's little potential (if any at all) of getting anyone high. There isn't any psychoactive components in the stalks to worry about.

For the time being, he's holding back on offering the specially cooked turkey as a permanent item on his menu until he figures out whether or not it's legal to be serving it. Considering this is a great way to put all the excess plant waste to use in Colorado, he might have something big on his hands.

Real heroes, it seems, don't always wear capes.