Because we Americans are an amazingly ingenious people (and also too fat and lazy to leave our houses — or at least I am), there are subscription delivery services for everything. For a flat monthly fee, you can have boxes of goodies delivered to your door with stuff for pets, beer, sex toys and beauty products.

And now, of course, marijuana.

These new monthly cannabis delivery services range from the basic to the luxurious and are aimed to everyone from the dabbler in edibles to the dedicated.

Most of these services right now are only located in California — you can't yet send cannabis across straight lines, at least not without running the risk of landing in a very small new living situation with a sketchy roommate. Although, some services will send CBD products across state lines. CBD is a non-psychoactive molecule from the cannabis plant and is not regulated as a drug. Many more will send you paraphernalia, too, often with the legal notification that, even though the box is covered with pot leaves, the bubbler is "for tobacco use only." 

But, in the past year or so, there have started to be a few services that send the herb itself.

For $75 a month, Nug Run will send you 2 joints, some edibles, an eighth of flower and concentrates that are "100 percent organically sun-grown."

For $150, Potbox will send 10 grams of top quality marijuana that is "ethically produced," meaning: no hippies were harmed in the making of their weed.

These have to be sent by courier and you have to prove that you have a doctor's recommendation by uploading your documents online (although, if you don't have a doctor's note, Potbox will hook you up with a doc who will diagnose you via videochat). And the courier has to hand the box to you personally, so that the neighbor kids don't swipe your green off the porch, smoke up, and then start an awful jam band in the garage.

So there are a number of these, but a San Diego company called Club M is the first to offer a marijuana subscription service that is downright bougie. Their monthly box is normally just $97 a month, but it has recently introduced a limited-edition $1,000 delivery box that is the fanciest out there. It contains an enormous amount of top-quality ganj, including eight different concentrates from Legion of Bloom and LolaLola and more, five types of flower including Illuminatus and Moon Rocket, six types of edibles including Zen Potion coffee and Golden Goddess hot sauce, and either a humidor or a smell-proof purse to keep your dank in. Tara Coomans, company spokesperson, says that the box contains more than $2,000 worth of stuff.

"Club M's mission in life is to get people to explore their choices in cannabis," Coomans says. "I've never seen anything else at this level."

In all realms, marijuana is reaching new levels. And, today, you no longer have to leave the house to find out what those levels are. Which is good, because once you consume all the cannabis in these boxes, it might not be that easy to get up off the couch and go shopping for more.