Maybe not write home to mom about this one …

There you go again Colorado, making lists and showing everyone else who's boss. In fact, you're showing people who's boss because you're an asshole, more so than hundreds of other places in the nation. We know this as indisputable fact because Travel and Leisure told us so. The site's recent "America's rudest cities" list is dripping with scientific perspective. Just look what they said about their #9 entry, Colorado Springs:

"Even if the locals rub you the wrong way, you’ll have no trouble staying entertained in Colorado Springs. The city impressed travelers with its cultural offerings, getting high scores in everything from the galleries and museums to the theater offerings and free attractions — hiking through national parks and outdoor concerts, to name just a couple."

Which is … nice? The Springs could do with another touristy catch-phrase, though. "Fuck the locals, head for the hills" would look great on t-shirts. 

The site claims that the list was built around a survey of thousands of people, parked right next to a sweepstakes entry form. So, take this with a huge block of salt …

America's Rudest Cities

15. Scottsdale, AZ
14. Charlotte, NC
13. Providence, RI
12. Las Vegas, NV
11. Detroit, MI
10. Ann Arbor, MI
9. Colorado Springs, CO
8. Dallas, TX
7. Boston, MA
6. Salt Lake City, UT
5. Philadelphia, PA
4. Los Angeles, CA
3. New York, NY
2. Phoenix, AZ
1. Miami, FL