What the fuck is the government waiting for?

Whether or not you like either of them, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and movie-maker Spike Lee weren't fucking around when they sat down to talk for the Hollywood Reporter. In the near 20-minute video clip below, the two engage in a back-and-forth about myriad topics, including the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Donald Trump's outlandish platforms and weed.

Fast-forward to the 14:00 minute mark for their conversation about privatized prisons (they're fucking ridiculous) and Senator Sanders' position on Colorado's favorite zoom plant. 

"Millions of people have police records for possession of marijuana," Sanders laments. "I think what we have to focus on now, is rethinking the war on drugs." Now? As in like, right now? Better late than never, we suppose?

"I have introduced legislation to take marijuana out of (the schedule 1 classification)," he continues. "It should not be a federal crime. States should be able to legalize it if they want to."

With the (sort of) support from the Supreme Court and most politicians coming out against the ridiculous federal ban on cannabis, it's shocking that we're still dealing with weed as a scheduled I drug — alongside things like heroin and bath salts. Though reportedly, the DEA may make a decision on what to do with it this summer.

Best case scenario? Weed is de-scheduled entirely, putting it in line with alcohol and tobacco. Worst case? It either stays where it is or is dropped to a schedule II classification, opening up the possibility that only drug companies can control the flow — like they do with things such as Percocet and Oxycodone. 

Watch the full interview here: