Buzzfeed is where epilepsy comes from. You heard us. Their gratuitous (vocab points?) use of GIFs, GIFs, and more GIFs, is undoubtedly why you and your loved ones have been experiencing a bout of seizures of late. And that made us wonder…what would Buzzfeed be like without the GIFs?

Buzzfeed isn't as much of a website as it is a huge, steamy GIF dump. You've seen it; every one of their articles contains roughly 103% GIFs, and 0.0001% other content. But that doesn't stop them from trying to hire writers, whose work is forever overshadowed by the deluge of pulsating, flashing images taken from How I Met Your Mother and Laguna Beach. Buzzfeed is where epilepsy comes from.

But what if those poor, overworked and underutilized Buzzfeed writers got a chance to bask in the spotlight? What if there was a Buzzfeed article with no GIFs? Are we blowing your mind?

Well you don't have to wonder what that peaceful, non-epileptic world would be like. Because we've found it. It's right here, right in front of your eyes. Behold…Buzzfeed without GIFs:

Dear god, that was beautiful. We guess writing isn't a lost art after all. Come here, Buzzfeed writers, and give us a big hug. You guys did really good.