Wrestling legend Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart tackled by fan during Hall of Fame induction speech
Currently facing two counts of third-degree assault along with criminal trespass, 26-year-old Zachary Madsen is accused of tackling wrestling legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart during his WWE Hall of Fame speech. It “felt like it was the right moment,” he told police. Finally after 40 years, an unscripted tackle in wrestling.

Detroit police officer shows up to Breathalyzer training drunk
Detroit officials confirmed early last month that a Michigan State Police officer showed up to Breathalyzer training class with alcohol in his system — a .08 to be exact. “The bottom line is that he showed up to work under the influence of alcohol,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. New bar slogan alert! “To protect and over-serve.”

Man released, immediately arrested for breaking into cars in jail parking lot
Several minutes after posting bail for one crime, Michael Casey Lewis was arrested again in a southern Florida jail parking lot after officers saw him breaking into cars on surveillance cameras. When asked if he couldn’t help himself or if he was just plain stupid, Lewis replied: “Oh, so somehow this is my fault?”


Drink and Desist
“My first time getting drunk I was 14. My friend and I got a bottle of Jäger and I was drinking more than he was. I got really pissed at him for not drinking as much (it was his first time getting drunk too) and I threatened to piss on his TV. He was laughing, but he wasn’t drinking. So I pissed on his TV.”


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