"Pissed about it" — but what's new though?

When King Kendrick unsuspectingly dropped his new compilation album, untitled unmastered, the world collectively shit its pants. Here he was again, delivering something in hip-hop that challenged status quos and demanded of other artists to elevate their own game.

Naturally, there were about 2,000 vinyls initially put on sale that were special edition "signed" copies. But those blew out the door so fast that there was another offering of 2,000 more. Those quickly sold out, too, and are now finally making their way to excited owners everywhere. Except, plenty of fans are taking to social media to express their frustration on what Lamar think is an adequate signature:

It's not like this is anything new, however. Kendrick's been at this type of signature for a while based off of a quick eBay search. Besides, try signing your name 4,000 times in a row and see how yours ends up. 

Ours would end up looking like this: