Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today…Witness the ego-destruction capability of Siri after she tires of your shit and strikes back.

Sometimes, Siri's just gotta act a fool. Times like when you're a douche, for example. Or when you waste her precious time with your inane demands. Want to avoid Siri's wrath and get back in her good graces? Here's a few ways to recognize when it might just be "that time of the month" for her so you can stay away and give her time to heal.

1. When she's not in the mood for your groveling

2. When she gets really sarcastic all of a sudden

3. When she starts making up adorable little nicknames for you

4. When you ask her stupid questions

5. When she doesn't laugh at your jokes…or you're not funny enough to tell them right

6. When she starts threatening your life and everything you love

7. When she gets all passive aggressive and fake nice, but you know she's up to something…

8. When she starts supporting your increasingly poor decisions wholeheartedly

9. When she makes fun of your hobbies

10. When she refuses to help you out with one little thing

11. When she pretends not to hear you

12. When she totally shits on your ideologies

13. When you can feed the murderous vibes through the phone

14. When she's not even in the mood to laugh

15. When she goes along with your bullshit just so you'll stop talking