Yes please. We'll take a photo of some random dude cradling some random baby in an attempt to look like Kanye West and North West listening to music. This creepy, yet sophisticated brainchild is the work of photographer Alison Jackson whose photos embody America's insidious obssession with celebrities. For some reason, she believes that to embody and mock this debilitating obsession, she should take pictures of celebrity look alikes in bizarre scenes — cue Kanye and North.

Questioning whether this photo would look good on your living room wall or hanging above your bed? Well, it can be yours for $288. Yes, that's 288 American dollars and not pesos. If that's out of your price range, Rooster can come over, snap a picture of our hairy editor's flabby abs and post those on the wall for a 30-rack of PBR. And we won't charge for the sensual back massage he loves to give to strangers as well.

And if Alison Jackson is speaking your language, here are a few more from her creepy celebrity lexicon.

1. Kate and William shake a baby

2. Kate and William bathe with a baby

3. Kate gets fannied and spanked like a baby

4. Kim Kardashian feeds her baby

3. Kanye looks better than the baby