Lil Wayne went and done did two face tattoos the other day. Yes this is news.

No … really … anything is better news than half of the stuff running through our feeds right now. We’re actually still sighing out a huge breath of relief because of what’s squeezing through and making celebrity headlines at this very moment.

Tattoos and Lil Wayne: Such a break from the monotony of real life. Whew!

Not privy? Turns out a few days ago Lil Tunechi went and done did some work on his face with an artist named Spider of San Clemente Tattoo. We’re assuming this may be one of the few spots left on his body where ink hasn’t made its way into the dermis. He has claimed in the past his first piece was for his late father and he was only 14 years old. There have been few breaks between sessions since.

As for the Arabic writing above his eye? It doesn’t seem like anyone in the free world has any clue to what it says, but we’ve seen a few outlets report it means “Mumma’s Boy” – who knows. The Arabic style is a trend taking off in the industry, however, and many celebrities are getting it in various forms, clearly defining it as the new tribal or mandala.

And his chin? It’s the all-seeing eye of someone’s god, of course, which graces our American currency and is also rumored to be linked to the Illuminati. If he was hiding his social powers before, he sure as shit isn’t now. All hail our eminence Weezyana, the greatest rapper alive!

Scroll through to check out his work, and you’re welcome for killing a few minutes while everyone else in this mean, cruel world of ours is suck out there pointlessly bickering to no end.


Better pic of @liltunechi_c5. Thanks again, Wayne, and thanks, Devon for being so accommodating.

Ett foto publicerat av spider man (@spideytat2)



Couple pieces I did on my man Li'l Wayne. Very hospitable, and professional client, thanks, Wayne!

Ett foto publicerat av spider man (@spideytat2)