Tequila is the mother of all liquors. The grand slam of post-work drinks. Beyond that though, aside from the benefit of forgetting the entire day, tequila has sweet perks. Whether you're having trouble sleeping, have an upset tummy, or want to rock hard without the hangover, sweet agave tequila has your back. This masterpiece of Mexico is a hidden gem in the liquor world in many ways.

I’ll hate this tomorrow.
“When you dance with the devil, you’re bound to get burned.” Sounds about right when you’re drinking away the week with a Friday buzzer. But if you choose a 100 percent agave tequila next time, you might just step away unscathed.

A study done by Manuel González Ortiz found that drinking tequila on a single occasion has little to no effect on a participant’s blood sugar levels. Blood sugar level changes are one major cause of a nasty hangover. So, if you aren’t rocking the tequila every night, you should be able to avoid the morning tremblies. 

Of course, keep in mind the way you drink tequila will affect the way it treats you. If you're slamming them back with a slice of lime to hide the pain, you're asking for a slap in the face. This brings up the next reason tequila is awesome:

It’s is a great liquor to sip, and …

It’s way cooler than whiskey.
You read that correctly, tequila is cooler than whiskey. Similar to the brown sauce, you can sip on a glass of tequila to enjoy the flavors, aromas and textures of the drink. But unlike whiskey, not everyone and their mother has an opinion on the best brands for an after-dinner tequila. Even better is watching your friends squirm with bad memories when you pull out the bottle.

Yet tequila has been building its reputation as a sipping liquor for years, and you can find a wide range of styles and unique features. You can buy aged, clean, silver and more. The number of premium tequilas has increased by almost 500 percent in the last 10 years, which shows in the amount of delicious brands popping up. 

Tequila specific stores are becoming more common, along with tequila bars. Try out a sampler to see the drastic differences between bottles. After you build up a pallet and a collection, you’ll quickly enjoy the new sipper, and you won’t have to share nearly as much as with whiskey.

Digestivo Mexicano.
Tequila offers a stomach settling herb that can help with digestion, making it great after a big dinner. Italians have been using different herbal liquors as a digestive aid for centuries. While the norm is to use an Italian Amaro, or something similar, tequila has its own herbs meant that can help digest a big meal.

Agave, the plant famous for its use in tequila, has a range of saponins within its leaves. Digested in large quantities, some saponins can actually be poisonous. But, according to the College of Agriculture and Life Science at Cornell University, if eaten in smaller amounts, they can aid in the body’s ability to absorb calcium and silicon, therefore helping the digestive process. If you’re planning on a feast, or you stumble into a Mexican restaurant and eat yourself sleepy, follow it up with a tequila to give your tummy a little boost.

Tequila is made for food.
Not only is tequila a great remedy for forgetting your heart crushing, soul stealing ex, you can also use it while cooking. The citrusy, warm flavor of a 100 percent agave tequila is a great new trend in the culinary arts. Try it out in salsas, sorbets, soups, or add it to spike your marinades for a mind-numbing flavor that only tequila can provide. 

Tequila is a hot-blooded addition to any meal. Food Network star Ree Drummond recently shared her love for tequila by cooking a four-course meal using tequila in each dish. Don’t let the taste escape, tequila is the way to switch up your recipes. Try it out next time you want a kitchen experiment. The best part is, you get to pour yourself a side drink while you cook. Never cook with an empty glass, that’s what grandpa always said.

Build up tequila in your memory books for something other than tears, yelling, and waking up naked next to a stranger. It’s worth the commitment. If nothing else, you’ll have a different, less embarrassing story to tell next time your friends bust out the Patrón.