This is like a real life advertisement for not hitting on girls. If you were already nervous about hitting on girls, then be 1,000 times more nervous because this is what happens when you do it wrong.

Hitting on girls is hard, especially when they're LA model Piper Kennedy. You might, you know, say the wrong thing. Or maybe you have something in your teeth. Maybe she has a boyfriend and isn't feeling you.

Or maybe, you're a huge idiot Starbucks barista who's so obsessed with your own face that you send a video of you gently stroking it to a girl while "Hold On, We're Going Home" by Drake plays in the background, thus spawning a wildly popular internet meme called #StarbucksDrakeHands and shaming yourself into infamy.

Guess which one of those scenarios happened to Brody? Yeah…This is the video he sent to the aforementioned model, Piper.  Apparently, he was really insistent on giving her his number when he hit on her at Starbucks. She wasn't really into it, but it was one of those "Hey girl, give me your number, mmkay?" moments where the girl has no choice but to acquiese…then shame you in front of millions having her friend post it to Instagram.

Wow, that was…interesting. Brody's feigned and fucking ridiculous attempt to seduce Piper blew up so fast that #StarbucksDrakeHands came into the world, a bouncing, healthy baby meme. It instantly got its own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and Brody's O.G. video was viewed  day over 100,000 times in 3 days. But the best part of Brody's parade of public humiliation, are the parodies:

And that, is why you never, EVER, hit on a girl…unless you want to become mind-numbingly famous and a meme. Later!