That settles it. We're outta here. 

As long as you stay away from soul-sucking ass-clowns like Spirit airlines, you'll actually find that plane ticket prices have been going down in the last few years … which is just perfect, because we're broke as a joke but we still wanna get the hell out of Colorado every once and a while. 

According to flight prediction site Hopper, they estimate that an average domestic flight in June will peak at $240, and by September, that same round-trip flight will cost $207.

Damn, that's almost affordable. As per their lead researcher:

We’re projecting consumer airfare will be $233 in May, a 5.6% increase from last month… Airfare in June will be at lower seasonal levels than they’ve been since 2009. Although jet fuel is trading at prices not seen since 2004.

Prices will continue to climb through the spring into the busy summer travel season, with prices peaking in June at $240.

They analyzed over one trillion ticket prices, and their model works with 95% accuracy. Alright, we're sold. Their app will even alert you when tickets are at their cheapest, so they might be worth checking out if you're looking to save money. 

And would you just look at this graph. Things are totally going the right direction:

Oh that's sexy.

Now if you have some cash lying around but still don't know where to go, you've gotta check out WhereFor

All you do it plug in how much money you have to burn and how many days you've got off, and it'll calculate how far you can get. Damn, that's sweet. 

See you later, suckers …