Let's discuss what's going to happen to legal weed when once Obama's lease is up.

With the 2016 Presidential Election looming nearer yet, concerns about whether or not the country's next POTUS (President of the United States) will retain or destroy state-legal weed is on everyone's minds. Could the future of legal weed be in jeopardy?

Well … no. If you're of that mind, you have smoked 420% too much weed for today.

With a majority of Americans now showing support for legal weed in the polls, it's unlikely that the next POTUS would legislate in opposition to such strong public opinion. No one's going to have the balls, or motivation, to topple a measure that 62 percent of Americans support.

Not only that, but even a poll conducted by Fox News, the planet's most conservative Republican media conglomerate, shows support for marijuana legalization. In fact, 53 percent of Fox viewers now support federally legal pot. That's the first time in Fox's history that's ever happened. The tides are clearly shifting, and they smell skunky, and are pretty dank.

Every presidential candidate except Chris Christie has either expressed support for the continued state-by-state legalization of marijuana or hinted that they would not make legislative moves to repeal the progress that's been made on decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level.

Even the third member of Satan's triangle, Jeb Bush, admitted that while he didn't personally support legal weed, states should have the right to decide whether they want it or not. That's a surprisingly fair stance from someone who comes from a lineage of staunch conservatives.

That brings us to an interesting facet of this discussion: support for legal weed even seems to be ubiquitous and impermeable to bipartisan party lines. both Democratic and Republican candidates seem to think some sort of legalization deserves a fair shot.

Rick Perry and Rand Paul are down for decriminalization. Ted Cruz and Scott Walker say it should be up to the states to decide. Marco Rubio's okay with medical weed with a high CBD to THC ratio, aka weed that doesn't get you high. And Bill Clinton's wife says she supports medical marijuana "under appropriate circumstances."

Let's not forget that Waka Flocka Flame could be your next POTUS as well. The rapper/ angel of weed announced his candidacy last month, and we're already sharpening our ballot pencils in rapt anticipation.

Of course, the catch here is that none of the candidates have publicly come out of support of recreational weed. Nobody in the oval office wants to hear about your ideal Taco Bell order quite yet at this period in history. But, like we said, we're banking on Waka.

Naturally, if we were el presidente, we'd go for full legal medical and recreational marijuana. Think of the tax riches! Colorado alone has already raked in $58 million in cold hard weed money, and a fat percentage of that is going towards schools ($40 million, to be exact). Clearly, the sheer financial benefit alone make it in everyone's benefit to retain weed's legal status. What POTUS is gonna fuck with that?

There are two good things about all this. First, weed seems to be an issue that unites, not divides today's politicians. Of course, that's bound to change when it comes to the specifics of its regulation, but for now, it's cozy and heartwarming that they agree some form of marijuana should be available to people to need it. Let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya by the camp fire.

Second, we're headed down the right path. Of course, full legal recreational would be the ultimate dream come true in terms of both taxes and stoner fantasies, but realistically, that's likely a political battle meant to be waged later on. Right now, today's navy blue and khaki clad politicos are simply considering whether weed should be a viable treatment for those in medical need, and also whether states or the federal government should have the right to regulate that process. And that's leaps and bound beyond what they've ever done, so while it's not ideal, it's something. Recreational will come with good time, you impatient bastards.

So, two answer the titular question of whether the future POTUS will ruin your life and take away your precious naturally-occurring plant medicine … Nah. We'd say your weed is safe for now, unless Chris Christie weasels his weirdo way into the White House. And if that happens, there's always Zima!