So the build up to the final day of the presidential vote felt like watching some sort of political satire in a contemporary theatre. Yet, it was down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two candidates whom were unpopular with residents of the United States and also residents across the world. However, there has to be one winner and it was none other than Donald Trump, the controversial, radical, businessman who managed to win the vote and become one of the powerful figures in the world. As soon as he was elected, social networks and media sites went into meltdown, claiming the world is doomed and that civilization will soon cease to exist. But is it really that bad? Will things really be so doom and gloom under Trump? Let’s find out! 

Contradiction of oppositions

The problem with Trump is, I don’t think he’ll go through with half the things he said during his electoral battle with Clinton, it just seemed to much propaganda to edge himself in the White House- but with this guy, you never know! Thing is, he may be appalling as everyone suggests; but he is saying things that could shed a bit of promise. The biggest issues in western democracies right now, are the fight against terrorists, child rapists and genocides. Some of his views on this seem more favourable than Hillary. I mean Hillary’s confrontational approach to Russia was downright unsettling- threatening Russia with airstrikes whilst they were in Syria. Needless to say, Trump can still be regarded as a megalomaniac but that doesn’t mean Clinton is Mother Teresa. At the end of the day they’re just as bad as each other!

The biggest problem with Trump is his foreign policies and it is a rather important factor in the United States, especially as it contains a multiple of cultural inhabitant across the world. I doubt he will make a wall to stop Mexicans coming in because at the end of the day, a president is not a dictator. Yet, with Trump being in charge may cause certain difficulties of gaining access to the country. This is why to make sure you get accepted through the Department of Homeland Security, you should fill out your ESTA form right away. With ESTA you will get professional support in requiring a visa and they will help you through all the easy steps, Trump or no Trump ESTA will get to the land of opportunities.

So will things be doom and gloom now Trump is president? Yes, is the answer to that question… but also no. For me, if it were Clinton, we would have had our own unique problems but also with Trump- we know something is bound to happen. But it’s a tough one, both candidates seem reckless; it’s just, Trump made it more publicly and grotesque. Clinton may have been the ‘safer’ option, but we don’t know what really goes on behind the scenes and if she repeats her actions that were with the Russian, then we could be in trouble. However, sometimes Trump comes across as a spoilt and excited child, so who’s not to say that, if someone winds up Trump; he doesn’t go and strike them with a powerful military force. So either way- Clinton or Trump, we both would be in an unpleasant situation. I wouldn’t say we are doomed, that slightly in radical sense, but it doesn’t seem pleasant, only time can tell, you never he might become the best president ever to exist.