Just find us on social media and tell us what your favorite memory of Red Rocks is (or what your dream lineup would be if you haven't been yet) — easy peasy. 

Want to win free shit!?

Of course you do. Free is the great equalizer of a poor person’s psyche. Free is the gold-flaked frosting on an otherwise delicious custard filled cake. It’s the fuckin’ yin and the fuckin’ yang.

So here’s the deal: The Glitch Mob (coming to Red Rocks on Sat July 30 for the annual HARD Red Rocks event) is giving us a gang of stuff to give out to our readers. No email signing up thingy, no survey, no promising a first born to the horned dissenter, neigh, just a quick jaunt over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and a quick post on what your greatest memory from Red Rocks is. Or if you haven’t yet descended on the greatest venue in the world, tell us what your dream lineup would be and what you’d do to make it the best night ever. 4 people (one guy, one gal and two runners up) will be chosen in the next few days.

Submissions can either be a written response or a photo of you and your crew on the greatest night in question. Be creative, have fun and don’t make this contest boring for us. We need excitement on this Monday too! Check out what you can win below and also cop a download of The Glitch Mob's new EP "Piece of the Indestructible."


WHAT: HARD Red Rocks w/ Dog Blood, The Glitch Mob, Porter Robinson, DESTRUCTO, Branchez and Option 4
WHEN: Thursday – July 30, 2015 (Tickets)
WHERE: Red Rocks Amphitheatre
WHY: Because if we're to believe "science" and learned "scientists" about the significance of man, there's very little time left to get our piece of the pie before our subjective world is wiped clean from conscious existence.

Girl's VIP Package:

1 Pair of Leggings
1 Pair of Shorts
1 Crop Top
1 Mob Snapback
1 Long Sleeve Tee
1 Dog Tag Necklace
1 iPhone Case
2 tickets to HARD Red Rocks

Guy's VIP Package:

1 Varsity Jacket
1 Tie Dye Tee
1 Dog Tag Necklace
1 Logo Snapback
1 Over-sized Bandana
1 Crew Neck Sweatshirt
1 iPhone Case
2 tickets to HARD Red Rocks