This is real news with facts and things, not just an excuse to look at cute puppies … we swear.

Some people have the best jobs. While we're over here trying to get the raccoon out of the copier, folks over at the American Kennel Club get to count how many adorable puppies there are in the country and probably have a lot of fun playing with them too. 

Every year, the organization releases its list of the most popular breeds, which gives us a perfect chance to look at cute pictures of dogs, contemplate getting one and then remembering our dumb landlord won't allow it. 

"The versatile, lovable Lab has firmly planted its paw print in AKC's history," American Kennel Club Vice President Gina DiNardo says in a press release. And now, for the gratuitous doggie shots!

1) Labrador Retriever

2) German Shepard

3) Golden Retriever

4) Bulldog

5) Beagle

As it turns out, America knows what it likes. The top three spots haven't changed in some time, and we don't really think they should. 

Now we just need some place to live that allows them … or a friend with a dog. Or a friend.