Nobody saw this one coming. lol, j/k!

In a move that’s shocking absolutely no one, Wiz Khalifa recently announced he is officially slapping his name on a bunch of weed products to be sold in Colorado.

The Pittsburgh-bred rapper has never been shy about his affinity for the kush, and even gave everyone last year one of the listiest lessons about how to smoke it after an XGames event here in the state. His signature strain, dubbed Khalifa Kush, will be released on April 20 — because what better day is there to release a line of weed?

His move to brand a line of cannabis products follows other artist making the same business move, including Rihanna, Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg (read here about us getting high with Snoop). 

Along with the strain, Khalifa and his partners in RiverRock Cannabis will sell various concentrates and will likely brand it with other products in the future.

Speaking of release, dude just dropped his new album today too. Titled “Khalifa,” it’s only twelve hours old and already causing a storm of positivity on Twitter. Looks like we’ve got some listening to do this weekend.