Kimi Sands has a whole bunch of personalities, and she's gotta buy something different for each of them. And you thought your holidays were weird.

Remember this moment as the moment you relinquished any right to complain about your Christmas list. Your list doesn't have anything on Kimi Sands'; she has 15 different personalities, and she has to buy something for all of them. Happy holidays, everyone!

Kimi's personalities range from four year-old twins to a Japanese chef to a bisexual 15 year-old, so you can imagine how they all want different things. And Kimi's personalities get what Kimi's personalities want.

‘Christmas is a bit more expensive for me than for others because obviously I have so many people to buy for,' Kimi said. 'Including myself, there are 16 individuals to get presents for. These can be anything from alcohol for the older personalities to teddies for the kids.’

Kimi has Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as multiple personalities. Any of her personalities are capable of staying with her from anywhere from mere minutes to a few days, and she's never sure when each of them will pop up. Each has a different pattern of thinking, needs and desires. So, she's gotta be prepared in the Christmas realm, or someone's gonna get pissed. Oh sorry, we forgot to ask you, was it hard for you to mail your Grandma a Christmas card?

Kimi's got a man though, one Chris Lee, who sees her personalities as a kind of family. He helps her out by buying her younger identities toys and such because they tend to get a little overexcited around the toy store and don't spend money responsibly. ‘The kids go mental in the toy store and want to buy everything,’ he said. Yeah, and all you have to do is get your mom a stupid clay rice cooker.

‘Giving the presents to everyone is so much fun,' said Chris. 'The kids are ecstatic and emerge from Kimi immediately. But then it’s very difficult to make one personality leave so you can give the next gift to another one.’

We admire Kimi for her generosity; 15 people is a lot of people, and shit, we couldn't even get it together to buy our step dad Chapstick, which was the only thing on his list. Guess we're getting coal again this year…