Some women fake them, some women yearn for them and some women blame their boyfriends for never getting them, yet for one woman, orgasms come more than 100 times a day. But hold on ladies, before you all collectively sigh with jealousy, we must warn, not all that vibrates is gold.

The story starts in 2008. Following a love-making session with her boyfriend, 44-year-old Kim Ramsey realized something extremely odd about her lady bits, the sex was over yet the orgasms kept coming. And come they did for the next four days. She tried everything to stop them including meditation, deep breathing and even sitting on iced peas all to no success. When she went to see doctors, they diagnosed Kim with a rare disorder aptly named Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). As odd as PGAD seems, hundreds of people suffer from the crippling disorder but fail to report it due to embarrassment. For Kim, the pleasure has turned to pain. Any jolt, bump, or even hug sets of a stream of debilitating orgasms, forcing Kim to sit down, muffle the scream, and stay calm.

While all the women reading this story construct a method of becoming diagnosed with said disorder, doctors admit it isn’t that easy. Kim’s case stems from an accident in 2001 when she fail down a flight of stairs. Over time, Kim developed a Tavlor cyst on her spine directly on the spot where female orgasms originate. This tiny mutation is responsible for triggering the daily orgasms with the slightest jostle.   Women say shock therapy, physical therapy and anti-anxiety drugs help but aren’t a cure. For now, these women must live on having orgasms. Every. Single. Day.