It's not everyday you wake up and find 30lbs of marijuana masterfully clasped to the bottom of your car. For some of you, that would seem like Christmas morning's come early. But in the case of one San Diego woman that's exactly what happened when she drove to work on Friday morning and discovered that drug traffickers were using her as a drug mule. According to the report, the woman who lives in Mexico and works in downtown San Diego arrived at work early Friday morning and noticed two men removing packages from beneath her car – not the stealthiest move for drug traffickers. When she confronted the men, they fled the scene and left the mysterious packages by the car.

Police later discovered six packages of marijuana totaling 30lbs attached to the bottom of the car by magnet. The police do not believe the lady is involved although a previous man who claimed to not know he was trafficking marijuana across the U.S.-Mexico border received six months in jail. 

It's good to know that the 'Officer, the 30lbs of marijuana attached to the bottom of my car aren't mine' excuse might just work. Then again, who wants Mexican weed when Colorado produces some of the finest strains around?