In a first, the ritziest gathering for the 1 percentiest of the 1 percent, the World Economic Forum in Davos, is holding a weed event. 

Yes, this is a closed-door meeting between big dollar cannabis players and the world's yachtiest people. 

The first-ever "Cannabis Conclave" starts Thursday at a wood-splendored restaurant high on a mountain in the Swiss alps, accessible only by a gondola, which we assume the investors and the politicians will not hot box. 

photo - hohenweg restaurant davos

[Hohenweg Restaurant, Davos. A very high place.]

That a place like Davos, where 1,500 private jets are landing, where Mark Zuckerberg can "friend" Bill Gates in real life while George Soros plays checkers with Rupert Murdoch, could have a pot meeting is a sign of how far cannabis has come, from its days being grown in ditches and in closets by future ex-cons and desperate chemo patients to becoming a fashionable consumer product as acceptable to The Man as fine cigars or imported Amazonian parrots. 

Among those attending will be the freaking former prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, and Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci who, though he is now a reality TV joke/star, was once the communications director of the goddamn White House, and is now part of a private equity firm that invests in cannabis. 

The organizers want to "use this event to fuel the legalization debate in Europe, and show how legitimate and mature this industry in parts of North and South America already is." 

Some of the shmanciest businessmen from some gold-toileted companies like Canopy and Supreme Cannabis and Acreage Holdings, will dine at the Restaurant Höhenweg, where, the organizers promise, "you will be able to listen to insights shared by some of the leading Cannabis executives and investors while enjoying a three-course Swiss lunch accompanied by wines and other drinks." 

Will lunch also be accompanied by blunts and vape pens? No. DJ'd by Slightly Stoopid? No. With a laser show? No. Maybe next year. 

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