Life is too short not to have pancakes in the design of Nicholas Cage's face.

Take your breakfast, and lifestyle, to the next level of awesome with the world's first, and only pancake printer. Integrating software and your talent for morning greatness, the PancakeBot offers a wide spectrum of designs and images produced entirely with pancake batter. This is how it works: using the computer software, you design any graphic your heart desires. Next, the PancakeBot receives the information and goes to work laying down a base layer. Then depending on whether you're printing a fish, a smiley face or Chuck Norris, the PancakeBot squeezes out the batter into layers based on certain cook times in order to give your image the perfect shades of coloring. Valla! 

this magic machine is currently on Kickstarter and has already raised $141,000 or it's $50,000 goal. So in other words, it won't be long before breakfast gets the rightly-deserved attention it needs. [PURCHASE]