Damn, some guys will do the CRAZIEST things to get laid …

When it comes to your lover, making them food is always a good idea. Make them dinner, make them come, blah blah blah. It's the circle of life.

And when you do this, it's always good to exercise the same logic and reasonable limits you would in your daily life.

Say, for example, you bake them a birthday cake. You bake them one cake, you give it to them, they're impressed, end of story. That seems normal, right? Right.

But baking them 50, tiny, individually flavored cheesecakes to appease their need for cheese?

That's insane. NUTS. More nuts than one particularly whipped guy used to do just exacrtly that for his girlfriend's birthday.

A photo posted by Reddit user Matmostpheric shows all the different bite-sized cheesecakes, followed by a photo with bites taken out of each.

Wow, okay.

This cheesecake array brings up several burning questions.

What kind of response is proportional to this amount of cheesecake?

How desperate is this man for lovin'?

And most importantly, WHO LIKES CHEESECAKE THIS MUCH? Show yourself. We dare you.

We don't know if this guy should be Boyfriend of the Year 2016, the poster child for Men Who Desperately Crave Sexual Reward or The Cheesecake Factory's new mascot, but either way, this show of romance has to be the most utterly ridiculous romance show in the history of romance shows.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the girlfriend in question eating the actual cupcakes, but we did manage to secure on of her as she passed through TSA: