CU-Boulder has roped off its campus to the public for the last four 4/20s, but, after years of inconveniencing closures and noxious fish fertilizer sieges, the university will actually be open to the public today.

Chancellor Phil DiStefano announced the university's decision to do this earlier this month, citing the lack of activity on 4/20 at CU over the past three years and the abundant presence of sanctioned weed events elsewhere as the reason for re-opening the campus on this holy day.

However, there's a catch, and not the kind CU has been using to stink up campus.

While the actual campus will be open, Norlin Quad will still be closed this afternoon, and entering it could result in trespassing charges. The Quad, for those who are too young to have experienced the epic smokeouts CU Boulder used to have, was the epicenter of the massive 4/20 event that brought tens of thousands of visitors to campus where they probably released enough THC into the atmosphere that they got the weather high.

Translation: Have a CU-Boulder smokeout, just not on the Quad.

Oh, wait … CU officials also said it's possible that other campus fields also could be closed if police notice crowds gathering. F**************K we just want to get high in a crowd without driving to Denver, is that so much to ask?

CU began closing campus to the public on 4/20 in 2012, citing the cost and safety concerns of thousands of people descending on the campus as reasons why. Several non-students fought the closures in court, but a Boulder judge ruled that the university had a right to close the campus to the public on International Get High Day.

Ever since, the campus has been closed to non-students and non-employees every year on 4/20, forcing thousands of people to light up elsewhere. And with that, the magical feeling of doing one thing in tandem with thousands of like-minded people just vanished into thin air. The tangible 4/20 energy that graced Boulder for so long is all but gone, and unfortunately, CU's open campus today might not do much to change that.

Man, if only CU was as good at offering affordable education as they were at smokeout prevention.