It's half infomercial, half music video — and just watching it is giving us the munchies.

No one embodies the American entrepreneurial spirit quite like Wu-Tang and company. They just sold their one-of-a-kind album to Pharma Bro for a cool $2M, they’ve got a Wu-Tang beer thing going, they released their ugly Wu-Tang Christmas sweaters over the holidays, and there’s even a popular line of Wu-Tang onesies for babies who are something to fuck with.

Considering the group once wrote the lyrics: “I'm in the weed spot, pounds of purp, bowl of cereal, cartoons is on, my favorite shit is The Smurfs,” it’s no surprise that a few members of the hip-hop ensemble are now releasing their own line of marijuana products.

Ghostface Killah and Wu-Tang partner Killah Priest are working on collection of flavored hash oils called ‘Wu Goo’ in partnership with vape pen maker Dr. Zodiak's Dynamite Stix.

And to promote it, they’ve made the weirdest/ best commercial we’ve ever seen …

"You don't got to roll up no more. This right here is the new wave right now. This right here gonna kick the blunt's ass, kick rolling paper's ass," notes Ghostface before telling the nice white lady she should smoke some of this before she gets the dick.

We swear to god, Wu-Tang Clan, if polygamy was only legal in Colorado we'd husband up every one of you.