Have recent politics made you feel like you’re in a headlock? Or worse, a Russian Supplex? That may have something
to do with the fact that our country’s politics have crossed over into the Attitude Era of professional wrestling. If you’re unsure
what that means, allow me to explain. The Attitude Era was a time in professional wrestling between the late 90’s and early
2000’s when the fundamentals of the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) went out the door, ushering in a new style of
broadcast that was a little more rough around the edges. The audience had grown tired of traditional good vs. evil storytelling,
so the WWF traded it in for flashy persona’s making up for any lazy “You pissed me off, so now we’re fighting” plotlines. Things
became more violent, sexualized, and laced with profanity. This was great for the WWF brand, but I’m afraid it has only further
damaged how the rest of the world views our current law makers and representatives. If you are still struggling to see the
similarities between the two worlds, just take a closer look at how major politicians have been handling recent events.
Specifically, the events in Milwaukee, WI leading up to the DNC.

On July 27th, over 100 law enforcement agencies withdrew their agreements to send personnel to the DNC. Was this
because of the public outcry to explore the possibility of cutting the $297.4M budget? No, that would have made too much
sense. Instead, Fon Du Lac Police Chief William Lamb stated to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an interview that the decision
to backout occurred as a result of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission’s (FPC) denial of additional tear gas and pepper
spray. The match was set, and tensions grew as the FPC decided to question Milwaukee Chief of Police Alfonso Morales about
the recent need for/use of tear gas and pepper spray against protest groups. The result? Alfonso Morales was demoted to the
rank of Captain. Ray Robakowski, a member of the FPC board, went as far as to say, “His (Morales’) conduct is unbecoming,
filled with ethical lapses, and flawed decision making.” Shots fired, and only a week out from the DNC; or as I like to call it:
Electoral Summer Slam. Milwaukee was left to wonder how the event could be hosted peacefully.

Night one of the DNC came, and the convention began with the patriotism and pageantry of Hulk Hogan making his
way to the ring. Images of monuments and citizens were shown as emotional music played, reminding us that America needs to
come together now more than ever. Musicians were invited to play, more than likely to make up for Milwaukee’s cancelled
Summerfest (a massive earner for the city’s economy) including all-star names like Billie Eilish, John Legend, and The Chicks,
post dixie. A night filled with music, celebrity guests, and politics I suppose. Things were going so well; people began suggesting
Milwaukee should host the DNC. It seemed the additional tear gas and pepper spray would have been unwarranted. This was
also the night the DNC decided to hit the hot button issue of police brutality. Before continuing, I want to say that I believe
police brutality is an issue that needs to be taken seriously and addressed. With that said, any hot button issue seems to be an
invitation to start a new political match, and you can bet your ass the DNC’s opposition jumped at the opportunity to brawl.
Night two of the DNC seemed to be running similarly to night one. Same structure, same musical breaks, almost as if
you were watching a 3-hour SNL episode with fewer jokes and commercials. This wasn’t where the fight was happening though.
For that, we go back to the Police Administration where Eric Trump had flown in to give a surprise speech letting the officers
know that they have his father’s support. This cemented one thing into the minds of our POTUS’s merchandise purchasers…Joe
Biden hates cops. This is far from true of course, when asked his views on the current situation Biden responded, “Most cops
are good, but the fact is the bad ones have to be identified, prosecuted and out, period.” I mean, the guy picked a former
District Attorney as his running mate for crying out loud. Then again, what does it say about our President when he picked
Vince McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the WWF) as an economic advisor on reopening our

At this point, I’m sure you’re wanting to point out that wrestling is still fake and has nothing to do with politics. I
would be inclined to agree, but wrestling isn’t fake. I mean obviously the names, catchphrases, and running plotlines are total
bullshit…but you can’t fake being slammed through a table. Sure; you can make the table break more easily, but you’re still
being slammed through it. The point I’m trying to make is, be aware of the pageantry. The slogans, the theme songs, the
cheers, the boos, the trash talk. Take it all in, but don’t let it distract you from what is happening on the stage. In politics, this
means voting based on who’s political policies aligns with your values and beliefs, do your research, and again…DON’T GET
DISTRACTED! Don’t pick a favorite based on presentation or gimmicks. Don’t be swayed by fanbases or commentators. Really
pay attention to the moves, every blow or counter, and how they tell the story of what each person is truly fighting for. If
politics is as similar to wrestling as I believe, the answer is more than likely money, and you get paid whether you win or lose.