Are you a high-potential millennial who is poised for greatness? No, no you're not, but the Bold Academy would like you to believe you are. Their website has more action shots than a Redbull movie and more gibber-jabbish than hipster dictionary (Brand-thropologist being our favorite). "We take high-potential millennials who are poised for greatness and give them the clarity, the skill, and the push to trade their street clothes for capes." First off, who has ever met a high-potential millennial who is poised for greatness? That's like asking, "Who's watched a full WNBA game?" Second off, and this is from their website, the Bold Academy is, "a Real-life School for Superheroes." !!What?! Holy shit we're superheroes! This whole time and we had no idea. Now we know exactly how Bruce Willis feels in Unbreakable #MINDBLOWN! 

The whole point of the Bold Academy is to sign up 18 people for a 10 day course in San Francisco where you pay $6,500 to feel better about your wasted life, surrounded by 18 equally as desperate people. As long as you're not the most pathetic, you'll feel good about yourself. Rome wasn't build in a day and an entrepreneur isn't built in ten. It doesn't matter if you leave this seminar believing you have a 10 inch cock, motivation fades and life will get tough again. If you need motivation to be an entrepreneur, you're not one.

This graph is fucking awesome. Normal shitty life to a Skrillex ERRRMMMGODDD in 10 days.