Wait, you've never heard of the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl? And you call yourself a ramen enthusiast …

You've never really eaten ramen until you've eaten ramen with the the aid of the most advanced ramen technology today's engineers have to offer.  Anything less is barbarism.

So, with that and the advancement of your own personal culture in mind, we bring you 13 ramen products that you need if you want to be taken seriously in this life.

1. Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl

2. Noodle whip face guard

3. Heat redistributing noodle fan

4. Indulgent ramen burger

6. Heavenly spork

7. Floor-shining ramen infant

8. Bizarre little friendly men who tell you when your packaged ramen is ready to party

9. Astronaut ramen

10. Ramen Brittany Murphy

11. Insanity-filled ramen bahn mi

12. Honesty ramen

13. Skin-enriching ramen bath