So, this is news right now …

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including its rules against allusions to profanity.

Vehicle owners in that southern separate country we sometimes lovingly refer to as a contiguous state of the US, known as Texas, were able to bid on a special license plate for a brief moment with only the letters “A” and “F” on it, Esquire points out. This of course could represent a number of things, but the site, where it was being auctioned, decided to pull it anyways after the state caught wind of what Twitter-speak is — ruling that the offending “AF” could very well make tech-savy children giggle while riding in the pickup with mom and dad.

The children would be “giggly AF” if that were to happen. So it seems. 

And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?

“Up until this morning it was available but we decided to pull that plate from the market," Steve Farrar, president of the license plate website, tells Esquire.

No word yet on if there’s anything more interesting in the news just yet. Just know that your license plate options are limited AF in Texas, land of the free only when it pertains to guns and the death penalty.