You know your name is getting out there when you're kidnapped by an obscure Mexican drug cartel and held for ransom…Clearly your music is reaching people in faraway places.

Barcelona indie dance band Delorean has finally reached the pinnacle of fame: being kidnapped and held for ransom by a drug cartel in Mexico City. Like, come on. Cartels don't kidnap anyone who's less than a couple million pesos, right? Right. Five million pesos, to be exact (US $380,00). That means, that each of them is worth $95,000. Not bad! 

The band was in Mexico City playing the Mutek Festival on Monday. They were in their hotel room when a call came in, saying there was some kind of shootout happening inside the hotel and they'd have to vacate the premises. So, they got their things and stepped out of their room- only to be be taken hostage by cartel members, who had placed the phony call. *Asshole alert* They were taken to another hotel and placed in two separate rooms for over 30 terrifying hours, while their captors called their families and demanded ransom money for the band. Meaning they'd at least heard of them!

Fortunately, international police sources tracked the cartel's calls to the family members, and they were able to locate where the calls were coming from. After over a day being held hostage, they were all rescued safely. The band, understandably shook up, posted this on their Facebook:

Damn. Either this is the most brilliant publicity stunt of all time, or a really harrowing accident that'll end up being the most brilliant publicity stunt of all time. But let's focus on the positive here; if they weren't already well-known before, they're definitely going to be now. Thanks, Mexican cartel! Viva la Mexico!