A Bachelor's degree? As if! Get a head start on your career by dropping out and becoming a professional snuggler. It only hurts a little, but the revenue will last until the end of the week.

Are you in school, but it seems too hard? Are all your classes pointless and useless in the real world? Have you been wondering what you're going to end up doing with that no-good English degree, other than work at Whole Foods in the produce department with your asshole boss Sam for the next 20 years? Then it sounds like a career in professional snuggling is for you!

Get a head start on earning a living that'll pay the bills better than your History of Modern French Pottery degree, and love what you do!

Professional snugglers are men and women who hug, spoon, caress, oh-so-gently-rest-their-heads-on-people's-chests and you guessed it- snuggle- their way out of their student loan debt by providing a valuable service to people in need of some nuzzling. If you love the warm-and-fuzzy feeling of having to lovingly snuggle a big man just to put food on the table, then professional snuggling is for you! Snuggling is proven to reduce stress and increase emotional intelligence too. We know, those are big words for someone who just dropped out of school to become a professional snuggler, but you'll soon find that these "words" give way to private, inexpressible emotions once you start snuggling for money. You can maybe even get your own business cards!

Be the Love You Are, in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, is where your career begins. Join their team of 'Snuggle Stars' and compete for who gets to hold that woman while she cries then tries to touch your boobs because she just got out of a 10 year marriage and now she wants to 'experiment!' Check our some of your future co-snugglers:

There's Chris…


…And Ariel, who's just here for her music stuff so forget her.

Yes, we know what you're thinking: "Isn't snuggling just a front for prostitution?" Ha ha, we love your inquisitive mind. It may be that some professional snuggling ventures, like Snuggle House in Madison, Wisconsin, mysteriously disappeared entirely after allegations of prostitution surfaced, but let us assure you; Be the Love You Are has yet to be investigated for such charges.

But your professional snuggling career doesn't have to stop there. If you're good, we mean really good, you can earn the coveted title of "The Snuggler" and do really meaningful work, like this: