Think about what you did last weekend and marvel that you're still alive to post the pictures. That's the incredible work of your slutty and capable body. …

graphic - red eyes

Blink baby! Damn.
You’re not wrong in thinking your friend’s kid is creepy as fuck. One study published in the Annals of Neurology found that adults, on average, blink 10 to 15 times a minute — whereas infants blink less than twice a minute like an absolute psychopath.

graphic - brain

My Precious
K, drowning sounds absolutely terrifying. Turns out, your brain can survive up to 10 minutes without oxygen, meaning it still does its damn thing after your heart stops beating. If that wasn’t creepy enough, in extreme cases of chronic sleep deprivation it will actually start “eating” itself — essentially devouring synapses for fun — too.

Strong. So Damn Strong.
The tongue is often referred to as the “strongest muscle in the body,” however research doesn’t necessarily back that up fully. Your heart is also strong, and that sweet ass (glutes). But what might be more exciting is the masseter — the main muscle in your jaw — exerts 162 PSI on average. (An American Pit Bull, by contrast, is about 235 PSI.)