It snows all year in Aspen …

It snows all year in Aspen …

A local Colorado police force is tirelessly searching for the owner of a small baggie that was left behind at a grocery store self-checkout lane recently — the contents of which are pretty obvious, yet still unknown. 

"Granted, it's a really small bag — note that the scale couldn't even weigh it — but we're pretty sure they didn't buy this at the grocery store," Aspen Police Department's Facebook posting says of the find. "Even so, the owner of said bag probably really didn't mean to leave it behind."

The officers of the law pride themselves in serving the community, and as such, would like to find the owner of said baggie so that they may properly return it. 

"Now we really try to take care of lost and found property like it is our own, putting a lot of effort into returning iphones, wallets, passports, etc," the post continues. "But, if this is your property, we're going to leave it up to you to come and collect it."

Looking at the photo, there doesn't really appear to be much inside, but if it is yours, do yourself a favor and retrieve it from the station — 5 bucks is 5 bucks man.